Add a Grade Item to the Gradebook

Any graded activity in Moodle – assignments, quizzes, attendance modules, discussion forums with ratings, etc – are automatically added to the gradebook with a grade value as specified in the activity settings. Oftentimes, however, you may wish to add a standalone grade item to the Moodle gradebook. This essentially adds an item to your gradebook that is not associated with any online activity in Moodle. This is often used to track grades for \”intangible\” student work like class participation or in-class presentations.


  1. From your \”Course administration\” menu, click Gradebook setup.
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  3. Scroll to the bottom of the set-up screen and click Add grade item.
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  5. Enter a name in the \”Item name\” field.
  6. You\’ll probably want to keep the \”Grade type\” at the default Value setting. Enter points possible in the \”Maximum grade\” field (default is 100 points). You can also put the grade item in a category if you have categories set up.
  7. Click Save changes.
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