Automatically Create Random Groups

Instructors can use the auto create feature in Moodle to rapidly create and fill groups of randomly-assigned students.

Video Overview


Create the groups

  1. Click Groups from the \”Users\” drop-down in the \”Course administration\” menu.
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  3. Click Auto-create groups.
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Edit group settings

  1. In the \”Naming scheme\” section, set the naming convention for your groups. You can include any text. You must include either an @ or # wildcard to use either letters or numbers.
  2. In the \”Auto create based on\” section, you can either have Moodle arrange groups with a specified number of students per group or by a total number of groups in the course.
  3. In the \”Group/member count\” section, you can set the number of students per group or the total number of groups (depending on what you chose for the \”Auto create based on\” section).
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  1. Click Preview to make sure the groups are acceptable.
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  3. Click Submit to finalize the creation of your groups.


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