Automatically Reveal Weeks, Topics or Items

With a bit of planning ahead, instructors can set their course content to automatically become visible/available at specified dates throughout the term by adding a date access restriction.

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Make sure to Turn editing on before getting started with this guide.

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  1. Locate the week/topic/item you want to reveal and select Edit Week/Settings from the \”Edit\” drop-down.
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  3. In the \”Restrict access\” section, click Add restriction .
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  5. Add the date and time you want the content to become available.
  6. If you want the content to be completely hidden, make sure to click the eyeball icon so that there is a slash through it. Otherwise, the content will appear greyed out and inaccessible, but students will still be able to see that it\’s there and when it will become available.
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  8. When you visit your course page, you should see a message indicating that your content is unavailable/hidden from students until the date and time that you specified.
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