Grade an Assignment Using QuickGrade

This guide will illustrate how to use the quick grading feature in Moodle. This allows an instructor to quickly enter grades and feedback for student assignments at the activity level, without going into the detailed view for each submission.

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Instructors can bulk download all submissions for a file to view them before entering grades and feedback.

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  1. Open the assignment you want to grade.
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  3. Click View all Submissions .
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  5. In the \”Options\” section, make sure that Quick grading is checked.
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  7. Input fields will display for the “Grade” and “Feedback comments\” sections for all students. Enter student scores and feedback comments as desired. You will likely need to use the scrollbar to move between the grading and feedback fields for each student.
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  9. Make sure to click Save all quick grading changes to save your work!


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