Import Quiz Bank Questions from a File

If you plan on using a large question bank with lots of simply-formatted questions such as multiple choice or true/false, you can streamline the process by importing them directly from a text file.

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Moodle is very particular about the format of imported files. You need to follow the Aiken format precisely when creating your document. You must also save the file as a plain text file with UTF-8 encoding. A Word document will NOT work. Read more about the Aiken format.

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Video Overview


  1. Click Import from the \”Question bank\” drop-down in the “Course administration” menu.
  2. In the \”File format\” area, select Aiken format.
  3. In the \”Export category\” drop-down, choose the category you want to copy from.
  4. Click Choose file… to open the “File picker” window.
  5. In the \”File picker\” window, click Choose file to browse and select your plain text file with the questions.
  6. Click Upload this file.
  7. Click Import and you will see a preview of the imported questions.
  8. Click Continue to proceed to the category containing the imported questions.
  9. At this point, you have copied the quiz questions. You still need to create a new quiz and load the copied questions. See Create a Quiz for instructions on creating a new quiz.


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