Override Due Date for Group or Individual Assignments

Instructors can use the override function in Moodle assignments to create differentiated assignment due dates for individuals or groups. This might be useful for scenarios such as end-of-term group presentation assignments that are staggered across a few class periods, or in assignments where individuals are taking on different roles in a project that are due at different times.


  1. Open the assignment you want to add overrides to.
  2. Click Group overrides or User overrides from the \”Assignment administration\” menu.
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  4. Click Add override.
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  6. Choose a group or individual student and set your override dates as desired.
  7. When you\’re finished, click Save to exit, or Save and enter another override to add another override.
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  9. You should see any overridden dates on the assignment View all submissions page. Students with blank values in the \”Due date\” field are subject to the standard due date specified in the assignment settings.
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